Business Process Improvement

We believe that a good “kick of the tires” is beneficial, regardless of company size or ownership structure, to constantly improve and adapt to ever-changing market conditions and business needs. We work closely with clients to evaluate their business process structures and identify areas where potential improvement or
re-engineering opportunities may exist.

Engagement ExamplesPotential Benefits

  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Improve tracking and accounting of inventory
  • Find opportunities to reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Reduce cycle time from purchase request to receipt

  • Procurement
  • Reduce costs through improvements in competitive bidding and buying power leverage
  • Decrease chance of fraud or inappropriate purchase activity
  • Decrease payment errors

  • FCPA Compliance Program
  • Identify potential 3rd party agent red flags and determine root causes
  • Improve contract consistency for each type of agent
  • Develop thorough due diligence processes, including questionnaires, business cases, and research
  • Enhance FCPA training and establish guidelines for appropriate participants

  • Revenue Billing and
  • Improved tracking of payments and reduction of receivables
  • Reduce workload by increasing automation and eliminating unnecessary manual effort
  • Decreased opportunity for fraud
  • Promote customer satisfaction
  • Enhance FCPA training and establish guidelines for appropriate participants

  • Employee Expense
  • Improve tracking and monitoring of expenses
  • Streamline review and approval of expenses
  • Increase accuracy of expense accounting
  • Enhance controls to help reduce opportunity for inaccurate or inappropriate expenses to be reported and paid