Governance Risk & Compliance

We believe Audit Committees and Boards of Directors are an invaluable resource for corporate governance and supporting a company’s executive management team. With the increased complexity of business and changing regulatory environment, it is often difficult for Audit Committee and Board members and management to be aware of all relevant business issues and trends. Our services assist these individuals to better understand areas such as independence standards, risk management activities, stock exchange requirements, and financial accounting and reporting changes along with their potential impact on audit and management responsibilities.

Engagement ExamplesPotential Benefits

  • Corporate Governance
  • Greater opportunity to detect and confront fraud or unethical behavior
  • Increase transparency to employees, investor community, and governmental organizations
  • Demonstrate commitment to compliance and culture of integrity
  • Improve ability to monitor overall compliance across the organization

  • IT Governance Assessment
  • Greater alignment of IT strategy and business strategy
  • Create organizational structures that facilitate strategy and goal implementation
  • More efficient use of IT resources for critical business needs
  • Effectively measure IT performance and establish a clear understanding of the value IT brings to the company
  • Improve customer and end-user satisfaction

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Develop consistent approach to identify, evaluate, and monitor key risk factors
  • Define the company’s risk appetite and align it with strategic initiatives

  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Better understand potential IT risks and map key risks across organizational structures
  • Develop a strong risk management program to prioritize IT efforts, both current and near future
  • Expand comprehensive intelligence to help ensure effective IT strategic planning

  • Risk Management Training
  • Tailor risk training to meet the unique education needs of the company
  • Address topics including, but not limited to: Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework, The Role of the Audit Committee, and IIA Code of Ethics