Business Continuity Planning


Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning helps safeguard an organization by addressing availability, reliability and recoverability of critical business processes and technology systems after an event that impacts personnel, facilities or IT systems. Stinnett’s Certified Business Continuity Professionals (CBCP) help clients establish Business Continuity programs, develop documented Business Continuity plans and conduct employee training.  We also assess existing Continuity plans for appropriate content or to identify potential improvement opportunities.


Potential Benefits

  • Reduced financial and operational exposure to prolonged business outages
  • Improved internal and external communication processes
  • Clear, tested and reliable procedures for significant disaster events
  • Identification of business areas where cross-training or standard operating procedures may be necessary
  • Support for adherence to legislation and compliance (primarily seen in banking and financial industries)
  • Positive impact on insurance and risk management
  • Increased competitive advantage:
    • Preparing for a disaster before it occurs helps minimize the business impact when it occurs
    • The ability to serve customers when your competitors cannot due to sudden disasters or unforeseen circumstances
  • Identification of gaps in the business requirements and IT’s current ability to restore supporting technology in the timeframe required by the business owners
  • Clear, complete instructions for restoring or rebuilding critical systems and data
  • Reasonable assurance of data recoverability based on the results of periodic testing