Cost Recovery


We believe cost recovery reviews are beneficial to ensure a company not only limits exposure to excessive or inaccurate construction costs, third-party billings and vendor payments—but also identifies opportunities to maximize cash flow. While identifying potential cost recovery opportunities, we assist our clients in finding root causes which give rise to cost recovery items and provide recommendations on possible control improvements to reduce the likelihood of these recurring.

The nature and approach of our various cost recovery projects depends upon the client’s exact needs and can include the identification of:

  • Duplicate vendor payments
  • Missed discount opportunities to improve cash flow
  • Inaccurate or inappropriate sub-contractor related billings
  • Inappropriate or inaccurate rates, quantities and other items on third-party invoices
  • Overpayments of erroneous or unapproved overtime hours
  • Excessive vehicle mileage charges
  • Incorrect or unauthorized per diem payments